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Ramon Esteve

Ramon Esteve
Several of the constants of our work are the search for harmony, serenity, timelessness, atmosphere, universality, and contextualization. Harmony, the result of a generation of systems, as a relationship between all, projects are born from an idea, an idea that drives the direction of the entire process from its origin at conception, until the outcome in execution. Serenity, resulting in the search for balance in the relationship between shapes and within their geometric universe.

Timelessness, born at a particular time, but with the will to try and evoke the greatest amount of time. Atmosphere, evolving as a result of the successful elements of matter and light, so that the only interpretation is its unique fusion.

Universality, forms as a consequence of synthesis of ideas approximating the design elements of their conceptual idea, moving away from projects with resources of recognisable identity.

Contextualisation, implementation and dialogue with the cultural and physical environment, such as the use of linking resources to the site. The result is a work that conveys the essential, which contains the complexity and density of a work that is designed to the last detail, which is aimed at the creation of places where people wish to live.



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