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Victor Vetterlein

Victor Vetterlein
Victor Wayne Vetterlein, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, was raised in a design and engineering family. His grandfather was a mechanical engineer, his uncle a nautical engineer, and his aunt a realist painter. Design and engineering technology were common topics in the family circle.

Victor received a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management and a Fine Arts minor in Sculpture from Colorado State University. Victor went on to receive a Master of Architecture with honors at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Upon receiving his degree, Victor moved to New York City and apprenticed as an architect in the office of Charles Gwathmey and the office of Thierry Despont where he became an Associate.

In 2007 Victor opened The Office of Victor Vetterlein, located in Soho, New York City, with an emphasis on architecture and industrial design.

Collectively, we believe that strong concepts are the key to exceptional outcomes. For every project we strive to embrace the parameters of the design problem by listening, observing, and researching to reveal the best concept idea and subsequently the optimum path to reach a goal. The Office of Victor Vetterlein believes that the best projects are a byproduct of mutual collaboration from a group of individuals who join together and work toward a common goal.



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