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Verter Turroni & Emanuela Ravelli

Verter Turroni & Emanuela Ravelli
Emanuela Ravelli & Verter Turroni, Objects made of fiberglass

Emanuela Ravelli
1971 born in Chiari, Italy
Studied at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milano

Verter Turroni
1965 born in Cesena
Studied at Accademia di Belle Arti, Ravenna

1997 founding of their studio "Il Laboratorio dell’Imperfetto". Emanuela Ravelli and Verter Turroni now live and work in Gamettola, Italy.
Exhibitions (selection)

2007 "Stanza Nera", Triennale di Milano, Italy
2008 "Sottobosco", Galleria O, Milan, Italy
2010 Samsung Design Garden, Studio Digital, Milan

All the objects designed by Ravelli and Turroni are a synthesis of organic form and synthetic material―soft round shapes and tough fibreglass. They can be arranged harmonically in the garden or in the home.

After the objects are given form, they are carefully sanded, painted and lacquered. The shapes and the unusual sizes reveal the painterly and sculptural talent of their creators.



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