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Studio Segers

Studio Segers
Studio Segers is a creative family corporation founded in 1989 by Rita Westhovens (graphic designer) and Wim Segers (product designer). In 2009 their son Bob Segers (product designer) and Marjan Brants (graphic designer) joined the design team. These two generations form a powerful symbiosis of experience and young creative talent. Studio Segers symbolyzes a no-nonsense approach where only sensible and down-to-earth concepts find their realization. By ordening product demands and intuitively processing specific problems they transform ideas into characteristic entities.

Wim Segers has been Tribù’s home designer for many years. With his architectural design ‘Natal light’, Tribù had its first international breakthrough. With variant ‘Natal teak’, Segers even won a Henry van de Velde prize. Segers’ architectural approach, based on comfort and functionality, was of great influence to the timeless style that characterizes Tribù.



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