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Sean Yoo

Sean Yoo
Sean Yoo grew up in Los Angeles and received an Industrial Design degree from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Prior to that he had also received a degree in Urban Planning and had worked as a city planner. He has won numerous awards for his designs including first place in the "Concorso Young %26 Design" at the 2002 Salone Internazionale del Mobile trade fair in Milan. His work has also been featured in many major design publications including The International Design Yearbook in 2003 and 2004.

“Design, for me, is still about solving problems and offering solutions that can be understood and appreciated effortlessly by the users. It involves answering the question of “why?” with honesty and clarity and without meaningless words or details. Good design ultimately is about this clarity of thoughts and how faithfully it is translated into a form that serves a purpose in our lives.”

Sean Yoo is a textbook example of the multi-cultural, globally fluent designers of his generation. He is a Korean-American, raised and educated in Los Angeles, started his career in Milan Italy, and is currently living and working in Mexico City. Infusing his design skills with his eclectic backgrounds, he has been working on designs that are rooted in utility but can transcend cultural boundaries. And as one of the handful of American designers working globally, he has quickly amassed a diverse group of international clients. In addition to Design Within Reach, He has worked for Casamania, Jongform, Sur & Plus, Frighetto, Felicerossi, Calia Italia, Next Maruni of Japan, Steelcase Inc, and Mobel Internacional in Mexico City.



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