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Maurizio Galante

Maurizio Galante
1963 Born in Latina, Italy
1987 Presents “Maurizio Galante X Circolare” at Contemporary in Milan
1988 Wins “Occhiolino d’ Oro” award in Milan for Best New Designer Of The Year
1992 Presents a new collection in the presence of members of the Japanese royal family in Kobe. Participates in “Das Goldene Zeitalter” at the Wurttembergischer Kunstverein in Stuttgard.
1994 Presents a new collection together with some of the most important French Haute Couture collections at the Armony in New York
1998 Starts his second clothing Line “Galante” in Japan. Presents his creations at the Atena Foundation in Caracas. Holds an exhibition of his couture dresses in Edinburgh
1999 Participates in “Vision of the Body” at the National Museum of Modern Art in Kyoto and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo Participates in “Black in Fashion” at the Victoria & Albert Museum in LondonVIEW TEXTILE magazine dedicates fourteen pages on the global concept of Maurizio Galante
2001 Artistic Direction for “DESIGN 21” exhibition for UNESCO in New York Presents a collection in Moscou. Participates in the exhibition “ Ultranoir” at the magasin Printemps in Paris
2003 Presents a collection in Havana.
2004 Invited by “The Cartier Foundation of Contemporary Art” to present his collection during the Paris hig fashion week.
2005 Presented his Haute-Couture collection, Paris. Designed a rose garden in the Paul and Virginie Parc, Guyancourt, France.
2007 Presented his Haute-Couture fashion show, Paris
Invited to present his Haute-Couture collection in Beograd, at the French Embassy Salone del mobile, Milan : presented “GAGÀ”mirror furniture with Opinionciatti,Table, chair, armchair, stole and rocking chair with Mussi. A lamp with Terzani. Launched a new collection of accessories. ZELUCCI by MAURIZIO GALANTE Designer’s Day: installation at Boffi Paris
2008 Presented his Haute-Couture fashion show, Paris
Porcelain vase “Gishin” for Craft, Limoges Salone del mobile, Milan : presented “TATOTATOO” stool with “Baleri Italia”. Liquid light source “Danae”, designed for BOFFI Italy. Decorative ceiling panel system “Galassia” made from suspended strung pearls, produced by Interware sarl, Paris. 3D textured curtains “Drago”, produced by Interware sarl, Paris.” Diva”, exhibition: “Carte blanc” given by the French Minister of Culture, Paris.



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