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Jordi Pla

Jordi Pla
Jordi Pla Sabaté (1979), he founded his studio in Barcelona the year (2008). After graduating in “Product Design” by Eina School,Barcelona (2003) and get the “Post-Graduate in Modeling Digital 3D ” at Elisava School, Barcelona (2003).

Jordi started his first professional experience in the prestigious industrial desing studio from André Ricard (2004) and after that successively, he carries out several collaborations with different designers, whose experience and knowledge led him to create his own product design studio eventually.

Since then, he has developed: furniture, consumer products, lighting, packaging and several accessories for different international companies such as: Normann Copenhagen (Denmark), Lékué (Barcelona), Suck.Uk (London), Karlsson (The Netherlands), Mit-Legend (Taiwan), Escofet (Barcelona),Grupo Puig (Barcelona), Goêt (Panamá).

“Diversity and creativity”. Merging typologies such as products, sectors, knowledge, specialities, materials, production process, colours, finishes, clients, countries, cultures and people is where he finds the information to come up with the ideas and solutions of a specific product, for a specific company and for a specific customer.

“Less but with More.” Get over the expectatives with the fair resources. It is a filosofy of balance between industry and ambient. It is part of the design process to add value to a product and optimize their cost in relation to the production, materials and transformation processes.

“Slow cooking process.” Listen to, look at, think in, create to, wait to and decide to, are necessary toppings to develop projects which require a maturity to reach the “zenith” state. This process is necessary for products oriented to evolve and revolutionize the sector to where are targeted. Such ambition needs time to research, to get knowledge about the different fields, to experience with the product itself and sometimes fail. However, it find out and compose the functional and formal essence of a product.

“One project for week”. Improvisation and spontaneity are creative techniques, being that, the ideas often come up because of the reflexions. Is then, when the Big/Bang explodes that appear fresh and unique concepts. It is essential to keep the creativity with projects of rapid execution which are full of irony and sense of humor.

“The designer psychologist”. The direction of a company is not lineal, it has to overcome market trends, be competitive in relation to others, to have a Wow Factor and attract the user. The successful idea must



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