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Gubi Olsen

Gubi Olsen
Gubi Olsen (born in 1947) together with his wife, Lisbeth Olsen, founded GUBI A/S in 1967. From the outset, the company has been based upon product design and development. Over the years, the designer couple have created a large collection of upholstered furniture and a furniture fabric, called "Holmens Kl├Žde". Gubi Olsen has always pushed the boundaries to explore new directions in design. Always with a global outlook he has created his own unique post modernistic expression. The inspiration comes from the rich Danish tradition of craft and furniture production, mixed with historical and visual references such as, French cinema, Napoleon Bonaparte and a grand piano. The Gubi Collection today counts a wide range of lounge and seating furniture, the Diva Daybed from 1982, the Grand Piano from 1986 and the Bonaparte series and Inuit, both from 1990. Since the launch of his first series of furniture, Canvas, in 1970 Gubi Olsen has drawn attention as one of the most innovative talents in Danish furniture design. In his choice of form, style and materials he has tried to test new limitations and find new ways. In 1972 he developed a whole new furniture series, Navy, upholstered in denim. His starting point is the rich Danish tradition within art and crafts and furniture production of which he got a thorough knowledge during his four year period of apprenticeship with Den Permanente Udstilling in Copenhagen.



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