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Generous Design

Generous Design
"I have created Generous Design to do what I really love to do; to design great furniture. The design business seems to me, to have a tendency to be a closed and very competitive business. This means that the design process does not crack its great and full potential. Genuine design needs generosity and that is what I intend to add to the design business.

Generous Design does not work with concepts. From my point of view, concepts are for the customers to make. I make pieces of furniture separately and does it within its own right. Basically my designs fullfill my own desires and sense of proportion. Creating furniture is a process of ordering multiple demands, facts and feelings, into a body of balance that contains function, beauty and durability.

Generous Design is an royalty based design business. This means that you, as a client, can join me in developing great design for your manufacturing business, and not having to pay any design fees, before the product reaches sale. This basically keep your cost of development to a minimum and our design process focused.

This approach also secures the necessary creative space for a swift, constructive and enjoyable design process that includes the very fountain of knowledge; criticism and dialogue.

“Design is not about being the best, it is about being good”

A good piece of furniture should meet requirements, but in the end - you have to feel that the result is a superior and exiting product."



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