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Galli & Perico

Galli & Perico
Fabrizio Galli & Anna Perico graduated in architecture in 1983 in Florence and MAGIS has been one of the earlier clients in their professional design adventure.

In 1994 was the first Magis product "Tavolino", a versatile kitchen table in extruded aluminum and wood, the latest, "Cappuccino", is now back in production.

Galli&Perico had a number of international clients as Swatch, Motorola, Benetton, Domustech Olivetti, Gewiss, Moleskine, just to name a few, and long term professional collaborations as those with Emilio Ambasz and Alessandro Guerriero.

Some of their projects received Design Awards: Mobile phone for Swatch - NTZIAN 1993, Pager for Motorola/Benetton - SMAU 1995, Cappuccino for Magis - Promosedia 1995, Giro d'Italia Trophy for Gazzetta dello Sport 1999 (the throphy has become Giro d'Italia iconic symbol), Road Lighting System for Gewiss - SMAU 2001, Home Automation System for Domustech Olivetti - SMAU 2001 and Intel 2001

Currently Anna is enjoying painting and produces high quality olive oil in the farm they own in Tuscany, Fabrizio is back and forth from Asia, designing and teaching design.

Full-time Lecturer at Hongik University in Seoul from 2003 to 2008, is currently Senior Lecturer at ADM – the school of Art, Design and Media – Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.



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