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Barba Corsini

Barba Corsini
Barba Corsini (1916-2008) was a leading functionalist architect who won international praise for his architecture and his design for La Pedrera. Corsini was strongly inspired by German architect, Mies van der Rohe and American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. He also had a great affinity to Finnish architecture, which he believed to be the finest in Europe on account of the powerful simplicity of the designs. "Powerful simplicity" is perhaps an apt description of Corsini' s personal design style, as represented by the Pedrera series.

Barba Corsini was born in the year 1916 in the Spanish city Tarragona and he died in the year 2008 in Barcelona. Corsini' s father was an architect; for the young Corsini it was suggestible to begin architecture studies in Barcelona in the year 1932. The Spanish civil war meant an interruption of the studies. From 1937 to 39 Corsini served as officer for the pioneers. In the year 1943 he reached his diploma and began directly leading bigger construction projects. Experience richer, in the year 1945 he founded his own office and he began adventuresomely designing furniture for buildings. He found inspiration for his designs in the black floors and blank roofs of the Hollywood film business, from where he recreated the film-set lamp and furniture ensemble.



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