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Axel Meise & Christoph Kügler

Axel Meise & Christoph Kügler
Axel Meise is a self-taught light designer. He designed and marketed his first table lamp already as a student in the mid eighties. He proceeded to lay the cornerstone for his company Axelmeiselicht with the low voltage systems which followed. In his work as a light designer he had the inspiration of a comprehensive "lighting tool" and put the first sketches for a modular lighting system to paper one night in the mid nineties - the initial idea that sparked off Occhio. This highly innovative head-body principle is the result of the following consideration: “How do I place a light source in a room exactly where the light is needed – and how do I create the optimal lighting effect for the respective situation?”. Occhio is the result of his 25-year preoccupation with lighting and at the same time marks only the beginning of a continuous innovation process, for: “light is evolution”.

The graduate physicist Christoph Kügler is design partner of Axel Meise for Occhio and also responsible for the construction design of this lamp series. In his own words he is a “lighting fanatic”, who is fascinated by the combination of technology and addressing the senses. He has been working together with Axel Meise for 20 years now. It is thinking in modular systems which unites both of them, resulting in a one-of-kind product idea. His focus lies on continuous quality improvement, expressing the results in a consistently reduced and top quality design. The significance of variable light sources in different areas of use is of particular importance for Christoph Kügler, because: “light means quality of life”.



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