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Ariane März

Ariane März
The design office maerzgruen from Ariane März is based in the heart of Berlin.

Her inspiration for her ideas and products is the daily life, which puts us to new challenges again and again. This could be the smaller getting living space or the search of more privacy in the city. For Ariane März, design is the answer. With her products and her furniture, she provides innovative and functional solutions, which make the daily live more easier.

It's frequently exciting for the designer to find the variety of simplicity in the development of new ideas.

Ariane März is a furniture- and product-designer. After she finished a apprenticeship as cabinetmaker, she started studying wood-, product- and object-design at the university Angewandte Kunst Schneeberg. She graduated with distinction in 2011.
In 2012 she founded her own design office maerzgruen in Berlin.
Every-day's life inspires Ariane to her ideas and products. With her products Ariane März gives functional solutions which make the daily routine easier.
"Design is the solution."



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