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Sitting bull

Sitting bull

SUCCESS STORIES are stories about tradition and progress. A fact that is demonstrated by the recent success achieved by the young Sitting Bull brand that has been built on the more than 100 years of experience that Flötotto company is able to look back on. Clear evidence of an obvious commitment to remain open to new ideas.

Ideas from east Westphalia are expressed in quality, service and clever design. As Frederik Flötotto, CEO at Sitting Bull GmbH explained: "For me, design is the daily task of finding products that, of course, possess a high aesthetic standard but particularly also constitute an intelligent fusion of function and the clever utilization of materials."

For instance, the beanbags and Fashion Bulls by sieger desin, have also been complemented by waterproof versions: the Outdoor Bulls. Stefan Diez's Couch I and Couch II - with which the Munich-based designer has reinterpreted classical sofas - may also be used outdoors. The designer team of hertel & klarhoefer round off the Outdoor Collection with the unique Bull's Nest and Bull's Tables.

Flexible furniture for perfect sitting. Executives, fresh-air fans and freedom-loving heroes will disover their favourites among the multifunctional pieces.



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