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A company with history?
The image of Eichholtz is one of a company with a decades-old history. Nevertheless, Eichholtz was founded only
20 years ago. Its founder is Theo Eichholtz (1967), son of a merchant "Upscale grocery stores founded in 1888".
After secondary school and military service, Mr Eichholtz decided to go travelling together with his mate, Auke Wichers, with whom he had been friends since his school days. Destinations back then were located primarily in Asia and the United States. On these journeys, Mr Eichholtz encountered furniture that matched his passion for ambience. The rest is, as they say, history: under the flag of Eichholtz Overseas Decorations, Mr Eichholtz started importing furniture, lighting and accessories. Starting with Indonesia, his field of activity expanded to include countries such as Burma, India, China and Thailand. By now, Mr Eichholtz has 50 employees and Auke Wichers is his right-hand man.

”Even today I find myself fascinated by those countries”, reflects Mr Eichholtz, “and I have the good fortune of visiting them several times each year with my team. In these countries there is no such thing as ‘a rush job’. The authentic ‘guilds’ that died out centuries ago in the Netherlands are still in existence there. These are craftsmen who are able to cast copper, cut wood, blow glass and weave rattan. It is those traditional, craft-based qualities that Eichholtz is still able to deploy nowadays in the manufacture of quality products.”

Control over styling
Styling and combining collections remain under our control. To that end, our own styling team actively looks for inspiration from a variety of sources around the world – museums, antique auctions and antique dealers. Thanks to the fusion of this variety of impressions and ideas in a single collection, a typical and unique Eichholtz world is created.


.PDF Eichholtz - Catalogo 2014



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