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COMFORTY is a leading, Polish, premium upholstery furniture brand, offering products characterised by a timeless, innovative design and excellent quality. The designers collaborating with COMFORTY are the world-renowned tallents from across the Europe: Tomasz Augustyniak, Tomek Rygalik, Anderssen&Voll Studio, Philippe Nigro or Lucidi Pevere Studio.
The brand has been on the market for over thirteen years but for the last 3 years has been developing a new identity that is now based on the merge of the company's industrial know how and creativity of the designers from Poland and other countries. Each one has different roots and a different cultural hinterland; everyone’s experience provides a base which helps tounderstand the similarities and differences rooted in tradition and history, as well as introducing a range of views on design, its roles and aims. Drawing on the tradition of Polish industry and crafts, the brand is open to innovation in furniture design and manufacture. COMFORTY is fully aware of the manufacturer’s role in technological progress. That’s why the designers associated with the brand have endless opportunities in creating sophisticated design projects.

COMFORTY’s products use custom materials such as concrete and Corian to create a diverse collection that features high quality workmanship and attention to detail. COMFORTY’s timeless and universal product design shapes the brand’s exclusive values. Innovative, functional furniture and lamps from thexbrand’s collection find their place both in the domestic setting, as well as in public spaces.



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